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My background includes Director of Program Development for SyberVision. I was responsible for the production of all audio, video and television programming within the company. Over fifty proprietary products were developed in health, sports / fitness, and business and personal achievement. Also, SyberVision was a pioneer in the development of quality "infomercials". These 30-minute infomercials were produced to market products direct to the public.Howard
                      Jamison cameraman

As well as producing and directing, I supervised writers and other production personnel and was involved in negotiating contracts with the talent (athletes, authors, etc.) Perhaps you will recognize some of the programs below. (For available SyberVision products, visit

I also have produced programs through my own company as Jamison Productions or Jamison & Associates. A listing of many productions that I have been a part of is listed below.

Health Programs

  • The Neuropsychology of Weight Control (audio, video, manual, infomercial)-
    [millions of dollars of this SyberVision product were sold through infomercials and direct mail]
  • How To Quit Smoking For Life (SyberVision a/v, manual, infomercial)
  • Cholesterol Cure (SyberVision audio, video, manual, infomercial)
  • Staying Young (SyberVision audio, video, manual, infomercial)
  • Eating Lean (SyberVision audio, manual)
  • Skin Care Solutions By Eva (video, infomercial)
  • Grand Unified Theory of Mind Brain Function (DVD)
  • 12 Kinds of Stress to Eliminate From Your Life (video)
  • Webinars on Health (numerous topics) (visit )
  •  Educational Training Webinars (Integrative and Functional Medicine)



Sports and Fitness Programs

Most of the sports programs were filmed in super slow motion and also had added specialized computer effects to enhance the learning process.

  • Mens Golf with Al Geiberger (audio, video, training guide)
  • Womens Golf with Patty Sheehan (audio, video, training guide)
  • Precision Putting with Dave Stockton (video, training guide)
  • The Dave Stockton Golf Clinic (video)
  • Difficult Shots with Hale Irwin (video, training guide)
  • Power Driving with Mike Dunaway (video, training guide)
  • Bobby Jones - How I Play Golf (edited intro to original footage)
  • Promotional Video for SyberVision Golf Schools
  • Tennis with Stan Smith (audio, video, training guide)
  • Chris Evert Winning Tennis Collection (3 volume video, training guide)
  • Bowling with Johnny Petraglia and Marshall Holman (audio, video, training guide)
  • Baseball with Rod Carew (audio, video, training guide)
  • Mens Self Defense with Hee Il Cho (audio, video, training guide)
  • Womens Self Defense with Cynthia Rothrock (audio, video, training guide)
  • Fundamentals of Downhill Skiing with Chris Ryman and Jens Husted (video, training guide)
  • Black Diamond Skiing with Chris Ryman and Jens Husted (video, training guide)
  • Lean Body Workout with Cynthia Kereluk (video)
  • HealthWalking (audio, video, training guide) Joint venture between SyberVision and Nike



Business and Personal Achievement Programs

  • Self Discipline (video, infomercial)
  • Top Producer Sales System (audio, video)
  • Success Trap (audio, manual)
  • Memory Power (audio, study guide)
  • The American Dream of Owning Your Own Business (infomercial)





  • Promotional Video for Video Genie
  • Demonstration video for MotusBioengineering system