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I have helped clients develop numerous products using audio, video and webinars. 

Some of my products are listed below.


                        Relief eBook


Discover alternative options available today for Arthritis Pain Relief without drugs. Check out which nutrients and formulas work best for quick arthritis relief. The latest research  includes 76 pages jam-packed into an easy-to-read PDF format available for download. It is full of successful solutions that have been tried and tested.

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Nearly every man will experience some type of prostate problem during his lifetime.  According to the American Society, prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men. In 2007, it is estimated that nearly 220,000 cases were diagnosed, and that there were approximately 27,000 deaths due to the disease.

Most of these cases could be prevented by following the information in this 80 page special PDF report - Mens Guide To Prostate Health

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Overcoming Drug Addiction


We support a holistic health approach to drug addiction treatment which is designed to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of substance abuse.   By treating the entire person — body, mind, and spirit, you have the best chance of success.  This 5 Steps to Recovery From Drug Addiction multi-media package with audio, video and PDF eBook is a cumulation of  3 years of research. 


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Stop Smoking


I have extracted information from the Overcoming Addictions eBook and added specific information regarding How to Quit Smoking in a separate PDF eBook.

There seems to be a correlation between people who use and abuse drugs and smoking cigarettes.

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